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Used Wheels & Tires in Portland, Oregon

Portland Auto Parts from Portland, Oregon, has all the auto parts you need, from used wheels and tires to radiators. Whether your shop needs to find a specific seasonal tire or you want to replace your bumper, these high-quality pages are just what you need.

Best Pricing Options
New tires are expensive, and often aren't always the budget-friendly option for the thrifty shopper. No worries, our salvage carries a wide selection of used tires, including snow tires, so you always get the best pricing. For your convenience, new tires are also in stock.

Quality Wheels
Whether you want to change the appearance of your vehicle or better your vehicle's gas mileage, our quality new and used wheels are just what you need. New and used wheels include:

    Steel     Alloy


Fender or Bumper Problem
Whether a customer has brought a vehicle to your shop to repair a fender bender or needs a new bumper, trust the quality new and used sheet metal options from our salvage. Your sheet metal options are endless, so making a repair is easy.

    Sheet Metal 
    Deck Lids
    Door Panels
Tires, Used Tire & Wheels in Portland, OR

Replacement Radiators
Find a dependable new or used radiator from our salvage to keep your vehicle running properly, without overheating. Don't worry, these replacement radiators are available for affordable prices, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank to replace the part.

Parts for All Makes & Models
All the available parts in our inventory are for all makes and models of vehicles, including the new and old. Whether you are servicing a domestic vehicle or an import, you are sure to find the parts you need for any repair.

Feel Confident with Your Parts
Feel confident in your new and used auto parts, as they come with or warranties. There are several options available for your parts, including a 6-month standard, 1-year, and 2-year or warranty. Choose the one that best suits your needs, for a confident repair or replacement.

Contact us today in Portland, Oregon, to find all the new and used auto parts you need for a prompt repair for any vehicle.